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About us

We are a small family company and we love what we do from the bottom of our hearts.

Our story is about how love creates beauty.

Once upon a time I went to the store looking for a new lens for my camera and saw a charming girl. It was Daria. I didn't find the lens that day, but I found love. After some time, it was Daria who supported me in quitting my main job and devoting myself to photography. So I did.

13 years have passed and I have hundreds of weddings on my account, and so many other shoots that we have long ceased to count them. My hobby has become my job. My beloved became my wife and with my support also became a photographer.

Thanks to the fact that we look in the same direction, but we do it each in our own way, we complement each other.
Everyone knows that the mood of the photographer creates the picture you get during the photo session.

And now you know why our photos are full of life, love and happiness.


Our team

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